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The Royal Courts of Justice can be found directly opposite LSM

We have our own superb training centre at 218 Strand,
directly opposite the Royal Courts of Justice in London
where we provide a full range of courses.  These are also
available in the major cities of the UK, in-house, and as
part of our global reach programme locally from Australia to
the Bahamas, and South Africa to Kazakhstan.
LSM are Halsbury Legal Awards 2014 Finalists!
LSM is proud to have been shortlisted for the Halsbury
Legal Awards 2014 as a result of our pro bono work in the
community, both in the UK and in three countries overseas. 
Thank you to our volunteer course leaders and trainers,
tutors and local supporters who have made this possible:
to you we dedicate this important national honour.
LSM's Certified Mediator course is now available in Modules
to allow greater flexibility, access and diversity - it begins with a
one day Introduction module, continues with a two day Core
Skills module, and compeltes with a two day Consolidation and
Assessment module.  Successful complettion leads to the
internationally recognised Certificate and accreditation. 
Full details are available here or call John or Zoey 0207 427 0848.



The London School of Mediation

World-Class Training in Mediation, Negotiation, and Advocacy

 The London School of Mediation is one of the world's leading organisations for mediation training.  We operate in every continent and situation from our base in the centre of London.  We beleive that we are unique in the support we provide for alumni, on the courses and afterwards, through the transition into practice.

We are passionate about mediation and its roles.  We help deliver it to businesses, the workplace, in commercial and insurance disputes, in medical matters, in the community, property deals, employment cases and human rights.  

Whether you want to gain full accreditation and practice as a mediator or simply to add formal mediation, negotiation, or advocacy Skills to your existing CV, let us pass on our passion, our 15 years of experience training worldwide, and our infectious enthusiasm to you as part of a truly ethical vocational choice.  Our faculty are more than inspiring and qualified teachers: they are experienced, practising mediators who willingly share the latest thinking and experience. 

LSM's individual delegates are from every diverse background and age group: we also train a very wide spectrum of organisations, governments, judges, firms, chambers, the NHS, commissions, major companies, schools and colleges.  We would be glad to work with you and bring your mediation skills to life.


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 Click for details of our Certified Mediator training, our Skills Courses or our CPD - or call Zoey White or John Harvey on 0207 427 0848.

 Recent 2014 LSM alumni from the NHS, in the Bahamas, and at our London Centre:





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This new site should hold all that we hope you will need to plan a mediation vocation, to source CPD, or to follow up on training.  There is a search engine and many links.  But we appreciate people prefer to talk, so please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0)207 427 0848 or email courses@schoolofmediation.org - we will be glad to help.

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This site is Copyright (c) London School of Mediation Limited 2014. All Rights Reserved. LSM Limited is a company registered in England & Wales at Companies House under number 07261621.  Our registered office is at 218 Strand London WC2R 1AT United Kingdom. The Directors are Jonathan Dingle, Judith Bell, and John Harvey.  LSM is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council, by the legal and medical professional bodies, and numerous bodies and organisations, and is a Recognised Training Provider to the Society of Mediators and to the Law Society of England & Wales, as well as many international groups.

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In-House Mediation Courses

LSM offer a range of in-house courses that vary with the needs of the organisations we work with around the world, including chambers, the NHS, firms, and government bodies.  They are superb, and carry full CPD recognition. We offer some examples at the link but the programmes are completely flexible: please call John Harvey or Zoey White on 0207 427 0848 to discuss your ideas.

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International Courses

Our trained mediators make a difference, and enjoy and profit from the skills they develop.  Cape Town, Australia, Sierra Leone, and Kazakhstan are ahead, but we have a global outreach mission and will bring LSM to any and every corner of the earth.  Email your needs!

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